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What I do

My work includes language services and coaching translators 


Translate from English to Arabic

I am a native Arabic translator with 10 years experience in translation and localization. My daily job is translating and managing the team of TranslationPartner, where we manage projects to different Middle Eastern and African languages. 


Design Websites for Language Services professionals

Since I learned using WordPress back in 2013, I become obsessed with what this platform can do. It was a hard journey, but I can build websites for others now using WordPress. As a language services professional, I do website design services for translators, localizers, writers and other people involved in my industry. 


Coach Other Translators

I am a certified trainer from the American University in Cairo. Sharing knowledge is one of main passions, so I offer coaching and training to other translators and language services professionals. 

Do not Hesitate to contact me in case of any questions